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The Utility’s Application for Great Lakes Water (October 2013) is the culmination of more than a decade of research. The application consists of five volumes and contains thousands of pages. We know this is a lot of material to absorb, so if at any time you have questions, don’t hesitate to Contact Us and we will put you in touch with a the subject matter expert.

1 of 5 Application Summary Download  4.4 MB
2 of 5 Water Supply Service Area Plan Download  35.8 MB
3 of 5 Water Conservation Plan Download  4.8 MB
4 of 5 Water Return Flow Plan Download  21.7 MB
5 of 5 Environmental Report for Water Supply Alternatives Download  82.9 MB
Vol 5 City of Waukesha Environmental Report Appendix Download  37.6 MB
Waukesha's Final Decision of the Compact Council
Supplemental Information Since October 2013 Application
Document Archives Prior to 2013
State of Wisconsin